Advertising with Local Sports Productions is a great way to reach your desired audience. You can advertise on any scheduled broadcast, article or scoreboard post, or ask for a broadcast or article of a team in your service area. LSP’s traffic has risen substantially recently, with more than double the hits in each of the past two years than the previous three years combined, and broadcast audiences reaching over 1,000 viewers for the biggest events.

Advertising Rates

  • Regular broadcast ads: $25 each. Consists of a 15-to-30 second message to be read on air during stoppages of play, between periods, or to introduce starting lineups, halftime stats, players of the game, keys to the game, etc. You may add an image to appear on screen during the read for an extra $25.
  • Video broadcast ads: $50 each. Consists of a video advertisement played during stoppages of play or between periods.
  • Presenting sponsorship for broadcasts: $50 per broadcast. The broadcast will be titled “MIAA Football on LSP presented by [your company name]” or something similar, and will appear on the YouTube video title, the LSP Facebook event and on screen throughout the broadcast. It will also be announced at the top of the broadcast and leading into every commercial or promo break. You must purchase at least two ads per broadcast in order to purchase presenting sponsorship for those broadcasts.
  • Article ads: $50 each. Consists of an image placed in the middle of an article or scoreboard post The placement of the image in the article is permanent. The image will link to your company’s website.
  • Page ads: $25 per page per day. Consists of an image placed on your choice of page on the LSP website (excluding the home page) for the selected number of days. If there is not an immediate need to replace the ad after the term expires, it may be left on the page for an extra couple of days at no extra charge. The image will link to your company’s website.

For MIAA postseason broadcasts, an extra $200 (or $400 for football) is tacked on per game to cover the cost of the MIAA’s broadcasting rights fee.

You must provide all scripts, images and video files.

All purchases must total at least $100, not including any broadcasting rights fees. Payment can be made in cash, check, credit card or PayPal. Checks should be made payable to Sam Feeley, not Local Sports Productions. There is a 5% processing fee added to all credit card and PayPal payments.

Email Sam for more information.

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