About LSP

Local Sports Productions is an Acton, Mass.-based sports media studio that provides a wide range of multimedia services for high school, college, youth, and amateur athletics in the greater Boston area, along with exclusive content and assistance to community television and radio stations who want to improve their sports coverage.

“Hello, my ragtime gal…” Ragtime gal sold separately.

LSP is currently a solo venture run by me, Sam Feeley, a freelance reporter, videographer, and announcer from Acton who has covered high school sports in the Bay State for TV stations and newspapers since 2005, with volunteer experience with school sports dating back to junior high in 1999. Check out the Clients page for more information on my experience.

*Disclaimer – I’m the only one who runs LSP from a business standpoint, but you can help out, too. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Play-by-play commentator/color analyst – Be the best Joe Buck or Tim McCarver you can be. Preferably better.
  • Writer – Game reports on high school sports and feature stories on local athletes.
  • Videographer – Tape game films for local high schools and their coaches.
  • Advertisers – More details here.

DISCLAIMER: I will not hire you unless I can pay you the same rate I charge my clients. I hope you hold yourself to the same standard to which I hold myself,¬†which is “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.”

For all questions, comments, howls of outrage, and recipe ideas, send an email to sam@localsportsproductions.com.

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