The play-by-play announcer Dungeons & Dragons alignment chart

Anyone who knows me personally knows that, in addition to my love of sports and sports media, I enjoy gaming. You probably also knew that if you ever clicked the Twitch link at the top of the page (hint, hint). One game I never got into was the fabled tabletop role playing game Dungeons & Dragons, but I have been fascinated by the juxtaposition of the game’s alignment chart on figures in real life and popular culture. Alignment is the ethical and moral perspective of the player’s character. See the Wikipedia page on alignment for further details.

I decided to embrace my inner nerd and create an alignment chart for popular sportscasters. This is based mostly on public perception and individual commentary styles and is not intended to be definitive. Some of them were easy, others were hard, and if you have an opinion on who would fit better where, I’d gladly love your responses in the comments or on Twitter @SamFeeleyPBP or @LSP37. Check it out:

sportscaster alignment

Where would I fit in here personally? I would like to say either neutral good or chaotic good, given that I model my commentary style after Doc and Gus.



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