Important announcement regarding LSP services

Effective immediately, clients who wish to purchase highlight DVDs must pay the going rate for each game from which they want footage to be put on the DVDs in addition to the $50 for the finished product. That is to say, if you are an athlete or a parent of an athlete who plays for an existing LSP client and you want a highlight DVD for the season, you must pay the same fee for each game you want footage from as if LSP were taping the game strictly for your highlights.

In the previous model, athletes who played for existing clients could purchase highlight DVDs from games that were already shot for coaching purposes. So one DVD that used footage from five games would be $50, plus shipping. Now, if you want to use footage from five games for that DVD, you must pay $50 (or more, depending on travel requirements) for each of those games, plus the $50 for the final DVD, plus shipping.

Individual game DVDs can still be purchased for $10 per copy, plus $3 per copy for shipping if necessary. However, you MAY NOT extract footage from individual DVDs or from the team’s video hosting platform for your own editing or redistribution purposes. Doing so may result in litigation.

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