T-Mobile has thrown a huge wrench into LSP’s plans.

I downloaded a hotspot app for my smartphone specifically to get around T-Mobile’s cumbersome and expensive tethering plan – an extra $15 a month with a convoluted interface. Unfortunately, T-Mobile saw I was doing this, and subsequently blocked my hotspot access until I buy it from them. To make matters worse, they don’t offer tethering with their unlimited data plan, only with their fixed-limit plans that are actually more expensive than their unlimited plan. As such, for the foreseeable future, Local Sports Productions will not be producing live broadcasts unless there is Wi-Fi at the game site.┬áNow, you may be asking, “What’s an extra $15 a month?” I’ll tell you – $15 a month that I don’t know if I’ll have between my 12-hour-a-week sub-minimum wage delivery job (before tips, anyways) and my gigs with Lexington High School and the Lowell Sun, because despite my best efforts, I haven’t secured any sponsorships since Blue Sox season. That being said, if you can find it in your heart to make a donation to LSP, please click on the “Donate to LSP” link at the top-right of the home page. (Keep in mind that PayPal charges me a 4% fee for donations, so $20 becomes $19.12.) Or, if you’re a business looking to tap into LSP’s audience, email sam@localsportsproductions.com. In the meantime, I will look into the feasibility of on-demand-only audio broadcasts or putting games on YouTube – but keep in mind that I don’t own an HD camera with external audio inputs. (Hopefully, with enough support, that will change.)

Thanks for your support.


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